“Awesome new visuals and music paired with a slew of creative mini-games make this trail run pure gold.” —POCKET GAMER

“…the voice acting is more than adequate and fits perfectly with the game.” —RPGFan

“The music is an exciting mix of techno/rock and the sound effects are really good…” —IGN

“The sound effects are well done during battles as well as through out the world.” —Game Chronicles

I've worked extensively with audio for a variety of media for over 12 years—starting with audio engineering, then diving right in to the video game industry—sharing my musical and sound design creativity with the masses. Never would've thought what once started as a hobby would evolve into a full-time passion that would eventually become my job.

Audio isn't my only interest, I have a thing for being exposed to numerous aspects of production and design in general. This led me to getting involved in disciplines surrounding my main profession, such as pre-production/development, live production, and visual post-production.

Working within these disciplines has granted me opportunities to associate with a variety of roles outside of my field—functioning in a team environment with producers, programmers, designers, and even marketing!

I’m always up for a challenge, fueling me to adapt, learn new techniques, and improve my skills. Any like-minded individual(s) is sure to be recipe for great chemistry, so let's share our ingredie...I mean, visions, and take over the world!

composition, arrangement, orchestration, transcription,
scorewriting, conducting, recording, sound design,
editing, mixing, mastering, audio engineering

A few clients I've worked for in the past

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